About the Roosevelt Foundation

In 1982, the Roosevelt Foundation was established to host the Four Freedoms Awards ceremony in even-numbered years. The Foundation works closely with the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute in Hyde Park, New York. We believe it is important to encourage young and old to keep the ideas of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt alive. During the ceremony, the Four Freedoms Awards will be presented in the Nieuwe Kerk in Middelburg. Individuals or organizations that are committed to the Four Freedoms receive an award. These are the Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear.

Dutch organisation 'Vrijheidscolleges' organize the Four Freedoms Meet-up on behalf of the Roosevelt Foundation. The Meet-up is a talk show and takes place immediately after the award ceremony. The purpose of the Meet-up is to encourage young people to think about what the Four Freedoms and the Roosevelt's ideas mean to them.


Nomination and selection of candidates

Anyone can nominate for a Four Freedoms Award. For a suitable nomination, it is important that the merits of the nominated person or organization in the field of (one of) the Four Freedoms are demonstrated. The names of the nominated persons or organizations will not be made public.

The board of the Roosevelt Foundation is responsible for the selection of the candidates and the choice of the Four Freedoms Awards laureates of the Four Freedoms Awards in Middelburg. The board consists of at least three and at most nine members, who are appointed by the board itself, and is chaired by the King's Commissioner in Zeeland.

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The board of the Roosevelt Foundation

Bestuurslid Han Polman

Han Polman

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Bestuurslid Wilmy Nevels-Gouverneur

Wilmy Nevels-Gouverneur

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Bestuurslid Hans Rijkse

Hans Rijkse

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Bestuurslid Barbara Oomen

Barbara Oomen

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Bestuurslid Marieke van Schaik

Marieke van Schaik

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Bestuurslid Simone Weimans

Simone Weimans

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Bestuurslid Loes Mulder

Loes Mulder

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Ali Remmelts

Ali Remmelts

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Anton van Beek

Anton van Beek

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In addition to its board members, the Roosevelt Foundation also has a number of (special) advisors.


  • Paul Huijts - SG Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Dick Schoof - SG Ministry of Justice and Security
  • Christoffer Jonker - Director of the King's Cabinet
  • Jonne Arnoldussen - Managing Director Nationale Postcode Loterij
  • Dick Boer -  Supervisory board member at various companies
  • Pauline van der Meer Mohr - Supervisory board member at various companies

Special advisors

  • Lard Friese - CEO AEGON Ldt. 
  • Hans Wijers - Member of the supervisory board at Hal holding
  • Raja Felgata - media entrepeneur
  • Justina Alders-Sheya – Fund Manager bij Triodos Investment Management



Nationale Postcode Loterij

The Four Freedoms Awards and the Postcode Loterij are a dream team. Franklin D. Roosevelt's dream about the Four Freedoms is closely aligned with the ideals of the Nationale Postcode Loterij. The Nationale Postcode Loterij was founded in 1989 to support charities working towards a fair, healthy and green world. The lottery raises funds for its charities and raises awareness for their work. At the Postcode Loterij, your postcode forms your lottery number. As a result, you win together with your neighbours. Over 3 million players now take part in the lottery. Players have the chance to win prizes every single day and support 146 charitable organisations with at least 40 per cent of the ticket price. There are thousands of lucky winners every week. Since its founding, the Postcode Loterij has donated 8 billion euros to people and nature.


Logo Provincie Zeeland

Province of Zeeland

The Province of Zeeland is hosting the presentation of the Four Freedoms Awards. In this way, the Province wants to inspire people to give substance to the Four Freedoms.

Logo North Sea Port

North Sea Port

Freedom should come naturally to all people. For an international port such as North Sea Port, this means dialogue, cooperation and solidarity. The ideas of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt are of crucial importance. Only together can we fight for freedom. North Sea Port therefore attaches great value to the partnership with the Four Freedom Awards.

Aegon 24


Aegon is an international financial services group that unites diverse businesses with a shared purpose: Helping people to live their best lives. This is only possible when everyone enjoys the fundamental freedoms articulated by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941: the Freedom of Speech, of Worship, from Want, and from Fear. These remain as crucial as ever, and the Foundation celebrates this by spotlighting those who tirelessly advocate for these freedoms today.



At ABN AMRO, we have a clear purpose: Banking for better, for generations to come. It is our compass in everything we do. Together with our customers, we take on the challenges of our time and shape the future. The partnership with the Foundation fits in seamlessly. They bring the ideas of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and the message of the Four Freedoms widely to the attention, also among young people and future generations and are actively committed to cherishing the freedoms.

De Hoop 24

De Hoop

The Four Freedoms are of crucial importance in our society, because unfortunately freedom is not for everyone. The ideas of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt therefore deserve our involvement and we think it is important that their story is told further. That is why De Hoop Terneuzen supports the Four Freedoms Awards with pride and conviction.

Verbrugge 2024

Verbrugge International B.V.

Unfortunately, freedom cannot be taken for granted. Verbrugge International therefore finds it very important to contribute to the Roosevelt Foundation to bring the ideas of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and the four freedoms to the attention of the public.

DOW 24

Dow Benelux B.V.

Dow Benelux is a very diverse organization with more than 4,500 employees and more than 50 nationalities. Where focus on diversity and inclusion is extremely important. As the largest employer in Zeeland, close relationships with the environment are of crucial importance. Dow likes to contribute to local and regional projects through an active sponsor and donation policy.

Logo H4A

H4A (Holding de Vier Ambachten)

H4A (Holding de Vier Ambachten) feels strongly connected to society and contributes to it in various ways, such as through sponsorship. As a proud partner of the Four Freedoms Awards, we support various initiatives that promote freedom, anywhere in the world. Freedom is one of the core values in our society. That's what we stand for!

VFonds kleur


The ideas of Franklin D. Roosevelt are still a source of inspiration for many. Vfonds supports the Four Freedoms Awards, because this inspiring body of thought about the Four Freedoms is kept alive and remains a source of inspiration. Being able to live in peace and freedom is not something that can be taken for granted. The program fits in seamlessly with vfonds' objectives to subsidize projects that inspire and motivate different generations to actively contribute to a strong democratic constitutional state and a peaceful society, based on the lessons learned from war and conflict.

Financial statements and official documents

The Roosevelt Foundation has an ANBI status. This means that, according to the Dutch tax authorities, we meet all the requirements of a good cause. Because the Roosevelt Foundation has an ANBI status, we are obliged to publish an abbreviated summary of the annual accounts on our website every year. You will find all the requirements we meet on the website of the Tax Authorities (Belastingsdienst).

Note: All documents are Dutch.