Four Freedoms in the classroom

In collaboration with Vrijheidscolleges, the Roosevelt Foundation regularly goes on tour with a teaching program. During this tour, the conversation with students about the importance of our freedoms is central. The program introduces students to the theme of freedom through an inspiring Freedom Lecture. In addition, we offer the opportunity to participate in the Four Freedoms Meet-up and to talk to inspiring national and international speakers.

Lesson book 'Four Freedoms in the classroom'

When the Four Freedoms Awards were canceled in 2020 due to corona, there was room for an alternative: digital guest lessons. Instead of sitting nicely dressed in the Nieuwe Kerk, employees of the Roosevelt Foundation, University College Roosevelt and the RIAS gave guest lectures at schools in Zeeland. This went so well that the question arose whether the teaching material was not permanently available. The answer to this was presented on Wednesday, January 6, 2021: a book of more than 100 pages with guest lectures and inspirational material. It was written under the direction of Barbara Oomen, of the Roosevelt Foundation/UCR, by experts such as Cees Heere, Nico Out and Lisenne Delgado. The aim of the book is that all teachers from the province of Zeeland can teach themselves about the four freedoms.

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