From 1982, the Four Freedoms Awards are presented in Middelburg in even years. In the odd years they are presented in New York by the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute.


Since 2020, the Four Freedoms Meet-up has also been organized in addition to the ceremony. The purpose of the Meet-up is to encourage young people to think about what the Four Freedoms and the Roosevelt's ideas mean to them.


The Four Freedoms Awards are presented to freedom fighters, also known as laureates. Since 1982, John F. Kennedy and Nelson Mandela, among others, have received a medal.


Each laureate has a Dutch presenter who presents the award. Each and every one of them feels connected in their own way to the ideas of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the work of the laureate.

About the Roosevelt Foundation

In 1982, the Roosevelt Foundation was established to host the Four Freedoms Awards ceremony in even-numbered years. The Foundation works closely with the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute in Hyde Park, New York. We believe it is important to encourage young and old to keep the ideas of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt alive.

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