Assistance to children in war zones

Laureaat Freedom from Fear Award 2008

War Child Netherlands Laureaat Freedom from Fear Award 2008

War Child was founded upon a fundamental goal: to advance the cause of peace through investing hope in the lives of children caught up in the horrors of war.


War Child believes that the psychosocial wellbeing of children and young people is a prerequisite to a future peaceful society. When children grow up in a safe, stable environment where their rights are not violated, the chance is greater that they will grow into well-balanced grown-ups who will be able to prevent conflict situations.


War Child’s aid includes psychosocial interventions, educational- and peace building programs and advocacy programs to bring together groups of children separated by war; and to draw attention to problems, needs and rights of children in war-affected areas. Creative and sportive activities such as music, theatre and play, have a central position into the War Child programs. These activities help children to express their emotions, stimulate their personal development and restore their respect for others.


The communities in which war-afflicted children live are actively involved in the design and implementation of these programs. Cultural differences are respected regarding the children’s’ upbringing and psychological problems. War Child seeks to collaborate with local people to help the children who live in war situations, and welcomes the help of volunteers. This partnership with local organizations is preferredinstead of direct program management by outsiders.

Afghanistan,Chechnya,Congo,Colombia,Sierra Leone,Sudan andUgandaare only some of the countries where War Child is now implementing projects.


War ChildNetherlandswas founded in 1995 by Willemijn Verloop and is an independent humanitarian organization dedicated to war affected children - regardless of their religious, ethnical or social background. Since its founding War ChildNetherlandshas operated in sixteen war-affected areas and now reaches over 700.000 children each year. War ChildNetherlandsis member ofWar Child International, a network of independent organisations, working across the world to help children affected by war.


The Freedom from Fear Award is awarded to War Child Netherlands for its indispensable assistance to children in war zones to help them create a peaceful future, and as a recognition of the important work carried out by the many volunteers who invest their time and resources for this noble cause.