Helping To Inspire Future Generations…

The Roosevelt Foundation is devoted to carry forward the legacy of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and to keep alive the principles and ideas the four freedoms represent, especially among youth and future generations. The Roosevelt Foundation will therefore continue to inspire and motivate people to cherish and actively promote these fundamental freedoms.

In order to realize this ambition we need funds and resources. The Roosevelt Foundation is most grateful for the support and the involvement of all our sponsors.  Their support and involvement  represents a continuing dedication to the faith in human freedom and in the strength of democracy.


Nationale Postcode Loterij
The Four Freedoms Awards and the Nationale Postcode Loterij (Postcode Lottery in the Netherlands) - a dream team. The four dreams of FDR exactly match the many interests of the Postcode Lottery beneficiaries in the Netherlands. Thanks to its participants, the Nationale Postcode Loterij can help to make dreams come true.

Over 84 charitable organisations, active in the fields of development cooperation, human rights, nature preservation and social cohesion, benefit from the donations of the Postcode Lottery. Half the price of every lottery ticket goes directly to these charities. The Postcode Lottery in the Netherlands distributed €328 million in 2015, thanks to the Postcode Lottery's 2.5 million players.

Provincie Zeeland
The Province of Zeeland is proud to be host of the Four Freedoms Awards Ceremony. We welcome the opportunity to advocate Freedom in every respect.


North Sea Port
Unfortunately, freedom is not yet as self-evident for all people as it should be. For that reason, the ideals put forth by Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt deserve our support and involvement. And because of this conviction, which we hold deeply, North Sea Port is proud to sponsor the Four Freedoms Awards.

AEGON is very proud to support the Four Freedoms Awards and the ideals they represent.




Holland America Friendship Foundation
The HAFF is dedicated to further strengthening the friendly ties between the Netherlands and the United States through sponsoring activities in the educational and cultural field. We too believe in a "world founded upon four essential freedoms" as articulated by President Roosevelt in 1941, and as perpetuated by the Roosevelt Foundation and the Four Freedoms Awards.

H4A (Holding de Vier Ambachten)
H4A supports and encourages associations events and activities in various ways. Our goal here is to provide a valuable contribution to society. Sponsoring the Four freedoms Award fits perfectly within this ambition because the four freedoms are important values within our society. That is why we sponsor the Four Freedoms Award.






Wiskerke Onions