Four Freedoms Awards ceremony postponed to April 2021

The presentation of the Four Freedoms Awards that was to take place in Middelburg next month will be postponed due to the corona virus. The chairman of the Roosevelt Foundation, King’s Commissioner Han Polman, announced this on Wednesday 18 March.

The aim now is to hold the Four Freedoms Awards ceremony, the public event (the Meet Up) and the Four Freedoms Tour in April next year.

The decision of the Board of the Roosevelt Foundation to postpone the April 14 ceremony until next year was prompted by the measures taken due to the coronavirus. Due to, among other things, closing the external borders of the Schengen countries, air traffic to the Netherlands is not possible, and a number of laureates will therefore not be able to reach Middelburg.

In addition, the safety and health of laureates, organization and the public are of the utmost importance.

The postponement also applies to the Four Freedoms Meet Up and the Four Freedoms Tour, which are organized in collaboration with the Freedom Lectures Foundation. These have also been postponed to April next year.

The 2020 laureates are:

  • The United Nations – International Four Freedoms Award
  • Maria Ressa – Freedom of Speech
  • Religions for Peace International – Freedom of Worship
  • Sander de Kramer – Freedom from Want
  • Leoluca Orlando – Freedom from Fear


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