Dutch television program 'Het Klokhuis' about freedom

Dutch television program Het Klokhuis informs children aged nine to twelve about the world around them, in every sense of the word. In the month of freedom, they broadcast a mini-serie about the four freedoms.

In the series 'The 4 Freedoms', presenters Pascal and Sosha explore what it means to be entitled to a safe life, a home, clothing and food, to have a free opinion and to believe what you want.They visit people who experienced World War II as a child and speak to children who had to flee their country for war and terror.They also visit concentration camp Vught, where during the war Jehovah's witnesses were imprisoned for their faith and they visit Dutch soldiers who fight for the freedom of others during peace missions at risk of their own lives.

The four episodes can be viewed on the Klokhuis website (only Dutch).

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