Modern United Nations

The province of Zeeland celebrates the 75th anniversary of International Four Freedoms Laureate the United Nations in a very special manner: by hosting a Modern United Nations. This forms a new variation of the well-known Model United Nations (MUN). In MUNs, young people, in formal attire, negotiate about global challenges. The Modern United Nations adds something to the mix by not only inviting country delegations but also those representing other interests, such as nature, future generations, companies or migrants to the table. After all, they too have a stake in what happens to our planet’.

Participants in the MUN

In the past few weeks lessons were given at 8 secondary schools in Zeeland about the origins of the United Nations, the role of the Roosevelt family, the Four Freedoms and the course of events at the UN General Assembly. Training in speeching, negotiating and debating also took place, given by students and employees of the UCR and the RIAS.

From the many Zeeland high school students, about 70 have been selected who will negotiate, lobby and debate on resolutions around current world problems on 27 and 28 October. Themes that are very topical and to a large extent concern the future of the students. Consider, for example, climate and the current pandemic.

Each participating school participates with an English-speaking team and a Dutch-speaking team.

The educational material specially developed for this project will also be available digitally afterwards, and in the form of a booklet.

MUN online

It was originally intended that the Modern United Nations would take place in Middelburg, because of the recent developments surrounding the corona virus and the press conference on Tuesday, October 13, it has been decided to keep the event online.

With this we follow the guidelines and measures regarding corona with regard to limiting contact moments and travel movements.

27 and 28 October it will happen! Let the games begin!