Modern United Nations

Do you like to speech, debate, negotiate?

Do you have plans for a better world?

 Then join the Modern United Nations on Wednesday 28 October!


The province of Zeeland celebrates the 75th anniversary of International Four Freedoms Laureate the United Nations in a very special manner: by hosting a Modern United Nations. This forms a new variation of the well-known Model United Nations (MUN). In MUNs, young people, in formal attire, negotiate about global challenges. One delegation is China, the other Russia, the third the US. The Modern United Nations adds something to the mix by not only inviting country delegations but also those representing other interests, such as nature, future generations, companies or migrants to the table. After all, they too have a stake in what happens to our planet’.

You are invited!

All Zeeland secondary schools are invited to delegate two teams of four students on 27 and 28 October: an English-speaking team and a Dutch-speaking team. They negotiate decisions and resolutions about world problems.

Training in speeches, negotiation and debating is now taking place at 8 schools, given by students and employees of the UCR and the RIAS.

After the project, this educational material will also be available digitally and in the form of a booklet.

Do you want to be there and be part of your school team? Then register with your school coordinator!



Practical information

Dates:                       27th of October (from 17:30 onwards) and 28 October (the whole day)

Place:                       Middelburg (Abbey complex and former town hall)


Sign up:                   Via your school coordinator


School coordinator

Pieter Zeeman – SG Pontes

Kathinka Kraaijenbrink


Eva Folkerts

Pontes Het Goese Lyceum

Reina van de Korput

Scheldemond College

Ad Oppeneer

Reynaert College

Jane Smulders

Lodewijk College

Rose-Marie Pendery

Ostrea Lyceum

Arjan de Vries

CSW van de Perre

Rob Jansen


Use your voice and let yourself be heard! You can register for the MUN with your school coordinator.