Urmila Chaudhary

Laureate Freedom from Fear Award 2018

Urmila Chaudhary Laureate Freedom from Fear Award 2018

The award for Ms. Urmila Chaudhary is motivated by her courage and determination to put an end to the Kamlari system of child slavery and her fight for the rights of girls, especially their right to education.


After being exploited as a child household slave herself for more than 11 years, she has become an influential young woman and human rights activist for and in her community despite the risks for her personal safety and the injuries she has suffered in her quest. She has helped to establish the Freed Kamlari Development Forum (FKDF), a Nepalese non-profit organization that meets Kamlaris’ needs by locating and rescuing the remaining Kamlaris, employing peer counsellors to give emotional support to former Kamlaris, and raising awareness in surrounding communities of issues such as child labor and the importance of education for girls.


By tirelessly speaking out in public for the rights of former Kamlaris and for girls’ rights in Nepal, she has become a role model and an inspiration for many others.