Word of thanks Han Polman

Your Majesties, Your Royal Highness, Excellencies, Esteemed Laureates, Members of the Roosevelt family, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It was an honor to welcome you in Zeeland, our land in the sea, a land that is proud to be called land of freedom and a land that considers the four freedoms as important guiding principles for the way in which we organize our society.Zeeland is not land’s end but the beginning of the world and it has a long history of tolerance and diversity in an open society and of resistance to tyranny.

The challenges we face are great, but the Laureates we honour today show us the way forward. Their experiences show us that freedom is too valuable to be neglected, and remind us of our common duty to advance the cause of all four freedoms. They give us hope that together we can achieve results.

The Roosevelt Foundation and the Roosevelt Institute will continue to promote the four freedoms and the ideals and principles they represent.

We want to thank our Laureates and today’s presenters. And we want to thank you, ladies and gentlemen for your support. 

We will soon move on to lunch. Please remain seated whilst The Royal Family, the Laureates and the Presenters leave the church first.  Then please follow the directions from our protocol assistants.

Before we go, allow me a last remark.

The realization of Roosevelt’s vision for the world, a world based on four freedoms, starts here, in the way we live our daily lives. It starts with our commitment to equal opportunities for all, our respect for religious and cultural diversity, our promotion of fair trade, our objection to fake news, and our joint efforts to realize a sustainable society, starting in our own streets, our own workplaces, our villages, towns and cities.

In Zeeland we are proud to contribute this sustainable society and we try to be an example, in our efforts to address the effects of climate change and in our efforts to promote the respect for human rights.

Let us be inspired by the life and work of the Laureates and by the principles and ideals of the four freedoms that connect us all.

Thank you very much.