Each laureate is linked to a Dutch presenter who hands out the award. Prime Minister Mark Rutte presents the International Four Freedoms Award. The other presenters this year are Jacobine Geel, Lale Gül, Zaïre Krieger and Paul de Leeuw. All of these are persons who, in their own way, feel connected to the ideas of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the work of the laureate.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte presents the International Four Freedoms Award (IFFA) to Sviatlana Tshikhanouskaya, leader of the democratic movement in Belarus. Previously, the Prime Minister presented the IFFA to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula), the Red Cross, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the United Nations.

Jacobine Geel presents the Award for Freedom of Religion to Lian Gogali, founder and president of the Mosintuwu Institute in Indonesia.

Since September 1, 2021, Jacobine Geel has been president of the Human Rights Board. As figurehead of the Board, Jacobine speaks to the government, representative bodies, civil society organizations, companies and individuals about the protection of human rights and she regularly appears in the media. In addition, she is active as presenter of the television program Jacobine op 2. The dignity of people and their rights are a common thread in Geel's work. Like Gogali, Geel is strongly committed to the coexistence and cooperation of people with different backgrounds.

Jacobine Geel: "It is a great honor for me to present this special award to Lian Gogali. Her commitment to trying to resolve conflicts between groups with different religious backgrounds through women really impresses me."

Lale Gűl presents the Award for Freedom from Want to Kenyan human rights activist Nice Leng'ete.

Like laureate Leng'ete, writer Lale Gül took action against the prevailing cultural norms and values in her immediate environment. Both women stand up for the rights of women and are thus a hopeful example for many young girls and women in a similar position.

Lale Gül: "The fight for freedom can feel very lonely, despite a possible cheering crowd around you. You swim against the current of your environment on your own and therefore often pay a very big price for your resistance, while it is much easier and more socially desirable to meekly participate. Every form of resistance against non-freedom therefore has my immediate support, and especially if it is the beginning of a great cultural revolution, in which many future victims are spared. All due to your resistance. Because you were willing to prepare the paths for the rest."

Zaïre Krieger presents the Award for Freedom of Speech and Expression to singer-songwriter and advocate for free speech: Mai Khôi Do Nguyen from Vietnam.

As a spoken-word artist and freelance journalist, Krieger deals with topics as racism, feminism, and the LGBTQ+ community. She made an impression with her translation of the poem "The Hill we climb," which Amanda Gorman recited at President Biden's inauguration. The most marginalized groups are often the ones affected by censorship. This is why Krieger values freedom of speech. This fits in seamlessly with the themes Mai Khôi addresses in her song lyrics.

Zaïre Krieger: "Free speech is the cornerstone of my work, activism and art. It is one of the most underrated, and at the same time most abused and misunderstood freedom we know. Because it covers not only the right to express, but in practice the right to be heard, represented and listened to."

Paul de Leeuw presents the Award for Freedom from Fear to the Turkish LGBTI+ organization ÜniKuir.

During his wide-ranging career, program maker De Leeuw has taken many controversial topics out of the taboo sphere. In doing so, he has always been open about his own homosexuality. Although the Netherlands is known as a tolerant country, young people who deviate from the norm do not always have it easy either. In a country like Turkey, where LGBTI+ people cannot express themselves freely, it is even more difficult. That's why De Leeuw has a warm heart for the founders of ÜniKuir.

Paul de Leeuw: "I find it very honourable to be able to present this award to ÜniKuir. The award is, because of their commitment to the LGBTI+ community in a country like Turkey, more than deserved."