Laureate Freedom from Fear Award 2022

ÜniKuir Laureate Freedom from Fear Award 2022

The non-governmental LGBTI+ organization ÜniKuir fights for the fundamental right of all people to live their lives as equals and free from fear of discrimination or of persecution regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation and sex characteristics. In Turkey and many other countries around the world LGBTI+ people face discrimination in every aspect of their lives, transgender and homosexual relationships are criminalized and intersex people are explicitly forbidden to express oneself freely.


Although ÜniKuir is still a relatively young organization, its valuable work to support the LGBTI+-community reaches many thousands of people in Turkey and worldwide. Ünikuir works to promote equal access to education, freedom of assembly and speech, equal treatment under the law and prevention of discrimination and hate speech. The organization supports LGBTI+ individuals by trial monitoring and advocacy campaigns, helps to gain access to proper healthcare and provides psychological assistance and counseling. ÜniKuir also gives legal support and guidance, organizes forums, gatherings and workshops and promotes the cooperation between youth LGBTI+ organizations and international and local decision makers.