Sander de Kramer

Laureate Freedom from Want Award 2020

Sander de Kramer Laureate Freedom from Want Award 2020

The award for Freedom from Want goes to Mr. de Kramer forhis innovative way of providing help and assistance and his dedicated commitment to the less fortunate, both at home and abroad. In 2007 he travelled as a journalist to Sierra Leone, which the United Nations at that time proclaimed "the worst place on earth." He was deeply touched by the suffering and together with Hugo Borst, he founded the Sunday Foundation. His foundation offers help in so-called "forgotten places" on earth and sets up projects to alleviate the worst needs: projects of hope. In Sierra Leone he saved child slaves from the mines and now they go to school. Local contractors have now built more than twenty schools for boys and girls. Former street prostitutes now make school uniforms and war widows receive microcredit so that they can provide for themselves. Mr. De Kramer has also set up a workshop and training center for the disabled, giving them a more humane place in society. His help was not always without risk and sometimes even life-threatening. However, this has never stopped him. His positive attitude and humanity are an example for many of us in a world where individualism seems to flourish.