Herman van Veen

Mr. Herman van Veen / Dutch performing artist and children's rights activist

Presenter of the Award for the Freedom from Fear

Herman van Veen plays the violin, sings, writes, composes, directs, paints and is the creator of the cartoon character Alfred Jodocus Kwak. To date he has produced 182 cd’s and 26 dvd’s . He has published 70 books, some of them have been translated in more than 20 languages. For more than 50 years Van Veen is a children’s rights activist and was for many years an UNICEF ambassador. In addition to the many decorations he received, he was also awarded honorary degrees of the Martin Buber University Brussels/Kerkrade and of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels for his coherent stance towards every form of human injustice and as a defender of free speech. In 2004 Herman van Veen was presented with the World Peace Flame which symbolizes peace, freedom, unity and truth. The club of Budapest awarded him the planetary consciousness award in 2005. Herman has been honoured the “Verdienstkreuz am Band des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublik Deutschland”, was made Knight in the order of Orange Nassau and was later promoted tot Knight in the order of the Dutch Lion.

In the context of the Four Freedoms Awards Herman van Veen was reminded of his beloved statement:

“What is another to you, if he is not different.”