Fidan Ekiz

Ms. Fidan Ekiz / Dutch journalist and documentary maker

Presenter of the Award for the Freedom of speech and Expression

Fidan Ekiz is a Dutch journalist and documentary maker. She was a correspondent in Istanbul for RTL-news and Dutch newspapers. During the Iraq war in 2003 she reported as a war correspondent at the Turish-Iraqi border and in North Iraq. She also worked as an editor for “Pauw and Witteman” a Dutch television program. Today she appears regularly at the table of the television program “De wereld draait door”.

In 2009 she made the documentary series “Ferry to Holland”. The documentary tells the emigration story of some Turkish families, also that of her own family, in Rozenburg, a village near Rotterdam. For this documentary she was presented with the Erasmus Euro Media Award. The documentaries “Ik zie een verre reis” (I see a far trip), “Alles komt goed” (Everything will be alright) and “The pen en het zwaard” (The pen and the sword) have been produced by Fidan. This last series tells the story of journalists who struggle for the truth in countries where those in power try to silence them. Fidan Ekiz tells her stories in a compassionate, sensitive and balanced way. In 2017 Fidan Ekiz was awarded the “Duidelijke taalprijs”. This a prize awarded to those who demonstrate an outstanding linguistic competence in their professional domain.