André Kuipers

Mr. André Kuipers / Dutch astronaut and ambassador of the World Wildlife Fund (WNF)

Presenter of the Award for the Freedom from Want

André Kuipers is an ESA Astronaut. He is also an ambassador of several organisations among others: the World Wildlife Fund, JustDiggit and the Red Cross Princess Margriet Fund.  After his medical studies he worked as a medical examiner for the Royal Dutch air force.  Later he worked as a doctor and researcher at the European Space Agency, ESA. André Kuipers saw the earth in a way few saw it: from space. He has flown two missions and spent in total 204 days in space.  After his return on earth he focused on the conservation of our planet. From space he also observed the diversity of landscapes and territories, but at the same time he was confronted with the earth’s vulnerability. In order to alert both younger and older people to the importance of taking care of the world we live in, André Kuipers gives lectures.  As an ambassador of various foundations including the André Kuipers Foundation he aims at contributing to the sustainability of our planet and thus ensuring a good future for our youth.